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Health Benefits

Health Benefits

SynergyGSH is a high-end nutraceutical designed to radically boost the immune system, strengthen the body’s detoxification processes, increase physical and cognitive health, and reduce all forms of inflammation.

SynergyGSH strengthens the body by delivering Antioxidants, Glutathione, and Vitamins.

SynergyGSH provides the nutritional building blocks to support your body’s own Glutathione production and increase the Mitochondrial health and the overall health of your body.


The free radical theory suggests reactive oxygen species can build up over time causing damage and breaking down your ability to resist and recover from degenerative conditions. Your body produces less Glutathione as it ages, and low Glutathione levels are correlated with nearly all age related illnesses. There is a strong case for Glutathione being a major player in protecting and ameliorating age related illness.

Antiviral Activity

Glutathione is your first line of defense. When your body is infected with a virus it can replicate and take hold quickly, while depleting GSH levels. There’s evidence to suggest (at least in the case of HSV-1) that adding GSH will not only help restore levels, but inhibits replication of the virus. Anyone struggling with a viral infection may find Glutathione assisting in restoring their immune function and lowering the viral load stressing the body.

Brain and Cognitive Function

Your brain uses a lot of oxygen, and as such creates a lot of oxidative stress. Maintaining Glutathione levels in the brain is crucial as low Glutathione levels shows a closed link to learning and synaptic plasticity deficits. Low Glutathione levels are found in Autism, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s patients as well.

Liver Health and Protection

Your liver is a crucial organ that regulates over 500 enzymatic reactions throughout your body. That’s beyond its more obvious role in clearing toxins, and environmental intruders and chemicals like alcohol from your body.

Your liver is the only organ where Mitochondrial Glutathione is produced, so it’s important to keep optimal levels of GSH and precursors so that production can continue.

Livers showing low Glutathione levels are increasingly susceptible to drug induced damage that can induce Mitochondrial injury, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Having low liver Glutathione levels to begin with seems to augment the potential for damage. Glutathione and liver health are critically linked.


Your blood itself responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and carrying your genetic code, is protected by GSH. Glutathione has been shown to protect against DNA strand breakage by KBrO(3). DNA damage can lead to DNA mutation, mutated cells then replicate and can cause other issues. If Glutathione can repair damaged DNA and limit mutation factors, as studies are beginning to show, Glutathione could be crucial to healthy DNA.

Heavy Metal Chelator

Buildup of heavy metals in the body can be a slow process from any number of pollutants you are unknowingly exposed to. You may even experience ‘unexplained’ symptoms because the buildup is so slow. Glutathione plays a key role as a potent chelator, cellular responder, transporter, and excretion of heavy metals. GSH levels are a biomarker for toxic metal overload… if you have too many metals, your Glutathione levels will be low.

Immune System Health

Your immune system is an elaborate coalition of cells from different parts of the body that protect you from invading bacteria, viruses, pollutants, toxins, and infection. Once again GSH molecules are your body’s primary defense, and enhances the function of T cells that are your body’s way of killing bad cells. GSH will actually promote the survival of activated T cells.

Health Benefits